Why Freelance Photographers Are Getting Websites in 2022

Introduction: Why You Need a Website For Your Freelance Photography Business

A website is a must-have for any freelance photographer who wants to standout in 2022. Websites make freelancers come across as more credible and professional, especially if it’s designed well!They can be used for marketing purposes, to establish your brand, and to showcase your portfolio with potential clients.

So why should you build a website?


Having a website makes freelancers appear as much more credible and professional. When a potential client finds your Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn and sees that you have your own domain and website, they’ll view your business as being more established and trustworthy.

Some clients will also find your website more personal because they can see that you’ve taken the time to create content and tell your story.

Establishing Your Brand

Your website is a place for you to establish your brand. Not only can you arrange and showcase your photos in the exact way you want to, it also allows you to tell your story. This helps potential clients understand who they’re buying from before they make a decision.

A consistency across channels (Instagram, Facebook, Website, etc) creates a powerful effect when trying to build a brand. Brands that have clear, consistent messaging and branding across all channels see higher conversion rates for their business.

Showcasing Your Portfolio

Websites are a great way for freelancers to showcase their work and attract new clients. Unlike an Instagram feed, you can control which of your work to highlight at any given time. Maybe you want to highlight wedding photos before wedding season, so you can change your homepage to a wedding gallery.

You can also create multiple galleries to keep your work organized. This will make it easy for clients to navigate your portfolio and focus on one type of photo at a time.


A website for freelancers is a must in 2022 if you’re looking to stand out and attract new clients. They make you look more credible, established, and they’re a great place to showcase all of your great work!

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